Booking Policy

New private patients and existing private patients who have not attended our practice in one year or longer are required to pre-pay for their first appointment/ first returning appointment. This Pre-payment is refundable, provided you give us more than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation.

New patient examinations are £65.00. A £65.00 deposit is to be taken at the time of booking to secure the appointment. This appointment includes routine x-rays.

Returning private patients of one year or more are required to pre-pay 40.00 for a dental examination or 65.00 for dental examination and routine x-rays, if x-rays are due.

Treatment requiring Laboratory work is to be paid at the preparation appointment.

Failure to Attend an appointment or Cancellation at Short Notice (less than 24 hours) will result in the loss of pre-payment or any deposit paid towards a treatment appointment.

The practice offers a complimentary email, text and phone call reminder service, however, is not responsible for any missed appointments. It is the patient’s responsibility to book and attend appointments. We send 6 monthly reminders via text or email. If a patient fails to book an appointment after this reminder, A further one will not be sent.

The Patient must ensure their contact details are up to date at each visit. If their details change, they must inform the practice.

We operate a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY at the practice towards antisocial behaviour. Any person found to be displaying intimidating, abusive, or threatening behaviour towards a team member or another patient will be asked to leave the practice immediately and will be de-registered from the practice. Where necessary, the practice will contact the local authorities for assistance.