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The Damon system - more than straight teeth!


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Damon Braces

Our Liverpool Damon Braces clinic provides patients with a highly innovative modern fixed braces solution. Damon Braces are a fast orthodontic solution, which use high-tech self-ligating brackets. This allows teeth to move using a friction free force, which is more comfortable and quicker than traditional metal braces. We are very excited to offer Damon Braces as part of a growing range of orthodontic treatments available at Crosby Village Dental Practice.

Damon Braces make use of modern friction-less brackets and wiring in order to move teeth quickly and gently. The brackets used are also considerably smaller than traditional braces, therefore they look much more discreet than 'train track' fixed braces.

Why should I choose Damon Braces?

Damon Braces are a great orthodontic option for fast results, and whilst they are not as discreet as 'invisible' aligners, they do work very quickly, so there is less time spent at the dentist. Oral hygiene is also much easier to maintain as the brackets are so small and no elastic bands are used during treatment.

Treatment time depends on each individual but can be from about six months up to fifteen months, which is considerably quicker than many orthodontic options available today.

Advantages of Damon braces

Damon Braces offer:

✔Fast & effective treatments in around 6 months
✔Comfortable solution due to the innovative slide mechanism of the brackets
✔Easy to clean because there are no elastic bands

The system is designed to offer the the most comfortable and virtually undetectable orthodontics able to solve the widest range of orthodontic problems.

Why choose us?

If you are interested in Damon Braces in Liverpool, get in touch with our friendly team today.

✔Local family run practice
✔Excellent with nervous or anxious patients
✔Over 30 years practice

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Do Damon Braces Hurt?

There could be some discomfort during the initial stages of tooth movement. The way orthodontics works is to introduce constant but steady pressure on your teeth. This results in you only feeling light pressure on the teeth. You would not experience any pain, just some discomfort, which means the teeth are moving.

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What are Damon Braces Made of?

Damon braces used a special patented slide mechanism to connect the wires to the brackets themselves, this allows the wire to move more freely eliminating the plastic ties which are used on traditional braces. The braces themselves can either be made of stainless steel or a polycarbonate material allowing the brackets to be completely clear.


Do Damon Braces use Rubber Bands?

No, the brackets have patented slide mechanism allowing the wire to move freely negating the need to use classic orthodontic bands.

If you are looking for Damon braces in Liverpool, then contact one of our team today to begin your 'almost invisible' teeth straightening journey.

Damon Braces Before and After

before and after

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