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Crosby Village Dental Practice is proud to provide to offer you the advanced brace system, the Inman aligner. This revolutionary system can correct minor orthodontic problems in a matter of weeks. Traditional, fixed brace treatments can take a long time to complete, whereas the Inman aligner takes just a matter of weeks to transform your smile.

✔Cheaper than other braces
✔Work on front teeth only for the bext cosmetic appearance

What is the Inman aligner?

The Inman aligner is comprised of a fine metal bar and a coiled spring and is completely removable. The brace works by generating competing forces, which gradually move the teeth into the preferred location. The Inman aligner doesn't use fix brackets and wires and therefore the forces generated are much gentler, making it one of the most comfortable braces to wear.

the Inman aligner system

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Is the Inman aligner suitable for everyone?

Although versatile the Inman aligners aren't suitable for everyone and it is best for those with mild orthodontic problems that affect the front teeth. More complex orthodontic problems may be better treated with a different brace system such as Damon braces, which we are more than happy to discuss and provide.

What are the benefits of the Inman aligner?

For most people, the thought of wearing braces is unpleasant as most people associate it with the ugly, metal braces that are usually fixed to the teeth. Our Liverpool Inman aligner clinic ensures this doesn't have to be the case and, although the Inman aligner is not as invisible as some braces, it is still discreet, with a thin metal bar being the only indication of its existence. The short time period is also a positive to many patients, with the treatment taking a maximum of 16 weeks, giving you a beautiful straight smile within a short space of time.

inamn aligner being worn

As the Inman aligner is removable it offers greater flexibility to its wearers, allowing them to eat and drink whatever they like. Oral health is also likely to be maintained, as you can take the brace out and thoroughly clean it and your teeth, which is often difficult with fixed braces. Each brace is custom made to your teeth and mouth, with the main aim of keeping pain and discomfort to a minimum.





Inman Aligner Before and After

Here are a few Inman aligner before and after cases, notice how only the front teeth moved and that these results have been achieved in only a few weeks.

inman aligner case 2

inman case 3 Inman Aligner case 4

Inman aligner vs Invisalign

What's the difference between the Inman aligner and Invisalign?

  • Speed - Inman aligner can achieve results in only a few weeks, Invisalign usually requires around six months.
  • Comfort - Not everyone gets on with the springs and wires with Inman aligner, therefore many people find Invisalign more comfortable..
  • Aesthetics - The Inman aligner can be more obtrusive and show more, if you are wearing Invisalign it is highly unlikely anyone else notice.
  • Cost - The Inman aligner is usually considerably cheaper than Invisalign.

Can Inman aligner close gaps?

Yes, gaps can easily be closed with the Inman aligner however this is only between the front teeth.

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